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Striko Westofen


The StrikoMelter® is the efficient melting furnace for the reliable melting of chips, ingots, T-bars and sows. Simple and safe operation, minimum energy consumption, maximum material yield and extreme longevity show just how innovative our technology is. Depending on the requirements, the StrikoMelter® is specifically designed and constructed in various sizes, series and designs.

Melting and
Holding Die Casting Dosing in
  gravity and
  sand casting


The powerful magnesium systems from StrikoWestofen deliver high melting capacity, precise dosing and the virtually complete recycling of materials. The two-furnace system ensures direct melting of the sprue and maximum melting quality at a uniform casting temperature. The integrated bottom heating and the innovative Top-Stop-Position®-System also increase productivity significantly.

Preheater Melting and
Mg-recycling Peripherals  

Special systems

StrikoWestofen not only produces standard furnaces. As a system supplier, we also provide customer solutions for foundry plants according to specific customer requirements: ramp melting, complete casting lines or thermal systems for the zinc industry.

Special systems