Melting furnaces of the highest possible efficiency and quality

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency and metal yield
  • Highest metal quality
  • The industry standard for aluminium
  • Wide range of versions for all applications
  • Proven EtaMax design

The StrikoMelter®

The performance range of StrikoMelter sets new standards. At a metal yield of virtually 100%, it is extremely energy-efficient and of unequalled durability. It also provides a metal quality which meets the highest possible demands. In many ways, the StrikoMelter is a unique melting and holding furnace which offers foundries especially economical production conditions.


The most efficient melting furnace on the market

  • Lowest energy consumption measured: 489 kWh/t
  • Highest metal quality and minimum metal loss
  • Very low operating costs
  • Low cleaning requirements

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Classic und Plus+

Industry standard for Al melting furnaces

  • Minimum metal loss
  • Highest metal quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long service life

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Expert for cast structural components

  • Low metal loss
  • Melts extremely large-volume and thin-walled components
  • Extra large shaft
  • Tried and tested principle

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Chip melting furnace

Economical in-house recycling

  • Very low metal loss
  • Wide range of versions: from additional option to complete system
  • Tried and tested Lotus pump system

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Ramp melting furnace

Universal for ingots, T-bars and sows

  • Better than any reverb furnace
  • Can be loaded with sows, T-Bars, ingots or returns as required
  • High metal yield and quality
  • Low energy consumption

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