Introducing Schnorkle®: The Safest Metal Transferring Equipment on the Market

The Best Friend of Westomat® and Metal Casters



Constant flow rate

Safe and simple operating principle

Low-error pneumatic control

Very high safety standard


  • Redesigned closed transport system
  • Safest way to transfer liquid metal
  • Optimized burner system
  • Degassing in Schnorkle possible now



  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • High Pressure Die-Casting, Structural Parts
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

The Benefits of Schnorkle

Constant flow rate

This for example allows the Westomat filling funnel to be kept in an optimally filled condition at all times.

Low-error pneumatic control

For transporting the melt into the dosing or holding furnace or directly into a mold Compressed air supply either to the Westomat’s compressed air system using a quick connect coupling at the place where the metal is issued (for example at the Westomat) or via a compressor permanently installed at the lift truck.

Safe and simple operating principle

  • Process for supplying casting systems with molten metal
  • Hermetically sealed throughout and safe for human beings and production system

Very high safety standard

  • The closed container of the Schnorkle only has to be lifted slightly in order to reach the filling funnel or filling opening – tilting an open ladle above the dosing furnace is no longer required
  • Closed transport ladle – no open transport of molten aluminium
  • Increased metal quality through minimal contact of the molten metal with the atmosphere
  • No temperature fluctuations and no reduction of the energy consumption thanks to closed system

Other Advantages

  • The Westomat dosing furnace can now be used in low buildings too
  • Transport within the foundry is possible using fork-lift truck or crane
  • Melt treatment using an impeller possible in the Schnorkle itself
  • Used for safe metal transport inside foundries
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • No moving mechanical parts, no pump, no lid/cover withdrawel


The Schnorkle is a closed transport system with which melt can be safely transferred from the melting furnace to the dosing or holding furnace or the die-casting system. A cover on the Schnorkle is opened and the melt is introduced, either from the tapping valve of a fixed shaft melting furnace or by hydraulic tilting of a tilting furnace. After the optional treatment of the melt and the closing of the cover, the Schnorkle is transported to the die-casting system using a fork lift. By applying compressed air to the transfer ladle, which is hermetically sealed, the melt is fed directly into the filling funnel of the Westomat. This guarantees the balanced, laminar filling of the dosing furnace with aluminium and minimal contact between melt and atmosphere, thus ensuring a reproducible filling process.

Thanks to this new system, it is no longer necessary to tilt open ladles at a great height using a fork lift. This eliminates a potential source of danger and considerably increases work safety. The design of the system enables the melt to be treated with impellers and transported into the dosing system without having to transfer it to another container. In this way, StrikoWestofen further optimizes a process undergone by the molten metal in the course of the casting process.

Safety First

Schnorkle: StrikoWestofen’s closed transport system for aluminium melt protects employees and equipment

Safety for people and equipment: this is a hot topic, especially in aluminium foundries where liquid metal is handled. With the new Schnorkle, liquid aluminium is transported from the melting furnace to the melting or holding furnaces in a closed container and introduced there using a transfer pipe without the need for tipping. With no contact to the atmosphere, the system ensures optimum safety and constant quality of the melt as the process chain between central melting aggregate and die-casting system is now closed.

High process reliability and occupational safety are two important pillars of optimum day-to-day foundry work. This is why StrikoWestofen has developed a new transport system with which hot liquid metal can be safely transported from the melting furnace to the dosing or holding furnace.

“The idea behind this innovation was to consistently eliminate potential dangers like those which can occur in each phase of the process due to the handling of liquid aluminium,” explains Peter Reuther, Managing Director of StrikoWestofen. “This is the only way to reliably prevent errors.” It could also allow the insurance premium for foundries to be reduced."

Schnorkle: Closed System

The new completely closed Schnorkle transport system is the solution for achieving more process reliability and occupational safety. Schnorkle is filled directly at the melting furnace – either by hydraulic tilting of the furnace, from the tapping valve or from a pump pocket using a pump. The pressure-tight cover is closed using one hand wheel only and is transported to the dosing or holding furnace using a transport system such as a fork-lift truck. Pressure is applied to safely fill the melt into the dosing and holding furnace via a riser tube with no danger of spilling. The compressed air supply necessary for this is either connected on-site using a quick connect coupling or is provided by a compressor on the fork-lift truck. A ready-to-install compressor is also available for Schnorkle as an optional accessory. With this option, the melt can be transferred to the dosing and holding furnace and the operator does not need to leave the fork-lift truck. Thanks to Schnorkle, it is no longer necessary to tip casting ladles at a great height using a lift truck.

Better Metal Quality And Constant Temperature

Treatment of the melt using impellers can also be performed directly in Schnorkle without the need for transferring it to another container. The new system then ensures that the metal quality is preserved until the die-casting process begins. The flow rate of the melt coming from Schnorkle can be adjusted to allow low-turbulence transferral and minimize oxide formation. As a result of the closed system, Schnorkle has only low heat loss and keeps the melt at a constant temperature. As it is no longer necessary to overheat the melt, the energy consumption of the foundry can be further reduced. The Schnorkle system is completed by a special preheating unit which requires considerably less gas than conventional ladle preheating systems.

More details on Schnorkle from StrikoWestofen, Contact Us.

Closed Transport System

Melt treatment - central positioning of the impeller possible

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