Der Schmelzofen für Strukturbauteile



Optimiert für Strukturbauteile

Hoher Metallerhalt

Bewährte Technologie

Geringer Energieverbrauch


  • Nahstöchiometrische Brennereinstellungen
  • Schachtvergrößerung
  • Schachtfüllstandskontrolle
  • Selbstdichtende Türen vor Schmelz- und Warmhaltebereich


  • Druckguss – Strukturguss
  • Sand- und Gravitationsguss

Melting big? Think BigStruc

Need to melt complete stacks of ingots and large-volume, thin-walled parts, just as easily as small-sized returns, all while minimizing metal loss and energy consumption? Then what you need is StrikoMelter BigStruc – the most versatile system in the StrikoMelter series.

Einfaches Chargieren großvolumiger Gussteile

Easy to load

BigStruc’s shaft is wider and can easily accept returns of up to 2.5m². Extra-large charging bins also mean there’s no need to ‘cut to fit’, saving precious time, resource and ultimately - cost.

No energy wasted

Bigger parts mean bigger voids and lower bulk density in the shaft, which can result in costly energy wastage. BigStruc’s hot gas baffle means this won’t happen. The shaft cover ensures heat cannot escape unused, resulting in efficient melting and lower energy consumption.

Thin walls, no issue

How do you melt large, thin-walled parts without excess temperature exposure and/or heat variations that could affect quality? By preheating them in the shaft so that they melt rapidly at the shaft base without direct exposure to strong flames. The hot metal then flows directly from the melting bridge into the holding bath, where it is heated to the desired temperature. No fluctuations, no problems.

Optimized fill for optimum results

Fill levels are monitored constantly via a laser system (even if the shaft is covered) to ensure the furnace is fed with the right amount of material at exactly the right time to optimize energy use and productivity.

Minimal metal loss

Like all StrikoMelters, BigStruc is designed to minimize exposure to oxygen to keep metal loss, low. For example, self-sealing lift swing doors and near-stoichiometric combustion minimize excess air preventing corundum formation, oxidization losses, and guaranteeing a high-quality yield.


Technical Details

  • Melting performance up to 4 t/h
  • Holding capacity 6t - 10t
  • Shaft enlargement
  • Charging unit with extra-large charging bins up to 2.9 m³



  • Shaft filling level control
  • Near-stoichiometric combustion
  • Self-sealing lift swing doors

BigStruc at KS HUAYU

Find out here how automotive supplier KS HUAYU AluTech, used BigStruc to reduce plant downtime, frequency of spare part replacement, scrap and energy loss.

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