Furnace Systems for Magnesium Casting

  • Great variety: systems and components for melting and dosing of magnesium alloys.
  • Material handling and pre-heating systems
  • Individual solutions: extremely durable magnesium melting furnaces according to customer specifications and perfectly matched to your requirements.
  • Worldwide service: StrikoWestofen is the only supplier with a global presence.
  • Optimum temperature control possible thanks to separate melting and holding in a two-crucible system
  • The temperature of the melt to be dosed can be precisely adjusted
  • The most precise dosing pump on the market with a dosing precision of +/- 1.5% upwards of a shot weight of 3 kg
  • Uniform heating with no hotspots
  • Heating utilizes electricity or natural gas, including porous burner technology
  • Competence and experience in the casting of flat magnesium sheets

Magnesium Melting Furnaces

  • Systems with a melting performance of 200 – 1,000 kg/h
  • Optional: active melting using a circulation pump
  • Splash-free loading of ingots using an ingot feed unit (superior to tilting gas locks)
  • Result: cleanliness in the crucible and protection of personnel
  • Uniform heating with no hotspots: the crucibles are considerably more durable than they are in conventional furnaces
  • Optimized use of energy
  • Electric or gas-heated
  • Continuously adjustable porous burner technology also available

StrikoWestofen Magnesium Pump

  • External magnesium pump system with a control for emptying and dosing (also suitable for sandcasting)
  • Feed rate 5 kg/s or 5 – 25 kg of magnesium alloy per shot
  • Dosing accuracy +/- 1.5% upwards of a shot weight of 3 kg


Ingot Preheating Unit (IPU)

  • 200 – 1,000 kg/h preheating performance
  • Up to 300°C pre-heating tempüerature

Protective gas mixing systems

  • Mixed gases prevent fire and oxidization in the magnesium furnaces
  • Preparation of various protective gases such as SF6, SO2, N2, dry air, Novec or R- 134a HFCs

Magnesium recycling systems

  • Recycling of magnesium scrap to ingots
  • System consists of at least 2 melting furnaces and one holding/dosing furnace
  • Electric or gas-heated melting
  • Ingot pouring conveyor
  • Salt covering in melting area, protective gas in holding area
  • For production performances of 2,000 – 7,500 t/year per system
  • Extremely flexible concept tailored to meet your individual requirements

Magnesium Furnaces and Pumps for Pressure Die-casting, Continuous Casting, Recycling and Magnesium Sheet Production

All components for pressure die-casting, recycling, pouring ingots…

The extremely durable magnesium melting furnaces from StrikoWestofen have all connecting elements and sensors necessary for monitoring the operating parameters as well as user-friendly control units, a mixed gas sampling unit and a pre-assembled pneumatic pump. The bath surfaces of our melting furnaces have been optimized to function using considerably smaller quantities of protective gas than with other manufacturers while reducing oxide formation as required. Melting and holding furnace are interconnected by means of a transfer pipe. The bath levels balance out in both directions. The filling level is monitored and measured by introducing argon in an extremely precise and maintenance-free way using the porous plug method. Loading with ingots in the melting furnace is controlled via this level measurement in the holding furnace. Our ingot preheating system, the ingot feed unit with Jet Melter, the dosing system and the latest in crucible furnace technology allow our customers to ensure the individualization i of their production processes. Crucial advantages of the two-furnace system for melting and dosing magnesium are the exact temperature control in the melt to be dosed – regardless of the temperature in the melting crucible – and the high metal yield as a result of our self-developed melting technology with its maximum use of energy. The furnace chamber is lined with a multilayer insulation. All insulation materials used have been specially tested for use in magnesium foundries. Heating is carried out electrically or using gas, optionally also with modern porous burner technology, which allows lightweight insulation to be used.

Competence in the Casting of Magnesium Sheets

Uniform sheet thickness through the decoupling of dosing furnace and headbox

For the purposes of pouring flat magnesium sheets, we have developed a special dosing system for the continuous feeding of a casting nozzle on a twin roll caster. Here liquid magnesium is fed in between two horizontal rollers. The dosing system then feeds the material into a headbox. The headbox is a rectangular crucible furnace. It has a slit-shaped outlet, so that the melt leaving the crucible is already matched to the nozzle geometry. The crucible is equipped with several heated and temperature-controlled zones, which means that the melt is kept at a constant temperature over the entire feed width (±3 K). Crucible and casting nozzle are optimally matched in terms of flow geometry, and the dosing pump used controls the level in the headbox with a high precision of ±1 mm. The constant level ensures a uniform discharge from the nozzle. The strain decoupling technology between headbox and dosing furnace achieved by using a dosing pipe means that the process remains uninfluenced by thermal tensions.