Market Position

Competence as a Matter of Conviction

Capital knowledge

The credibility of a product depends on the credibility of a company. Our incentive is the wish to continuously provide, develop and optimize a product for our customers which fulfills its purpose in a way which cannot be surpassed at present. Knowledge is our most powerful capital here. “Trained knowledge” on the one hand is the basis for all that should be natural for us in our sector. “Experienced knowledge” on the other hand is knowledge which has been purchased and tested in practice. This knowledge provided by many individuals makes up the “stock of knowledge” of our company as a whole, and everyone’s experience makes an excellent total output possible. This is because the credibility of a company depends on the credibility of its products.



Customer satisfaction is our benchmark

The focus is on customized total solutions for melting furnaces, shaft melting furnaces and dosing systems that shape and support the production processes in foundries in a sustainable and positive way. To this end, we employ sophisticated, fully developed and internationally proven technologies and ensure continuous development and optimization.

We aspire to efficiency

All StrikoWestofen products – such as StrikoMelter, Westomat and Schnorkle – are constantly undergoing further development and are convincing propositions thanks to a variety of intelligent details. In this way, we achieve good results "from ingot to cast part".

What StrikoWestofen stands for:

Everything from a single source

Our technical developments and designs are specifically geared to meet the needs and requirements of the foundries. Everything from a single source: StrikoWestofen units help ensure efficient melting, holding, dosing of aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys, and Al chips recycling.

Quality in all ranges

The highest metal yield, minimum distorsions and maximum system availability.




Advanced process control

Lowest energy consumption during melting thanks to EtaMax® technology and our new PurEfficiency technology.


Global customer service

Using custom engineering, all systems are attuned to the customer's specific production processes. Our global customer service department minimises downtime and helps ensure production reliability.


Knowledge and technology:The history of StrikoWestofen is characterized by the constant development of innovative technologies and the implementation of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

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About us

In 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America, StrikoWestofen is located in the centres of the light metal foundry industry, so it is always close to the customer – either with its own subsidiaries or through its sales and service partners.

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