Our Westomat Plus+ Modern Dosing Furnace

The New Dosing Expert

Westomat Plus+

Key Benefits

Modern new compact design

Overhead heating instead of heating rods

Delivery with ready-installed subframe

Subframe can be tilted in any position


  • New compact Design
  • Elongated riser tube for structural die-casting
  • Dosing precision of ±1 %



  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • High Pressure Die-Casting - Structural Parts

WESTOMAT Plus+ Benefits

Modern New Compact Design with greatly reduced space requirements

  • A Westomat Plus+ 1200 S now fits into the footprint of the Westomat 900 SL

Overhead Heating instead of heating rods

  • Simple replacement from above with reduced machine width
  • Up to 3 times longer service life
  • No transformer necessary
  • No corundum formation

 Delivery with ready-installed subframe
 (sizes up to 1700)

  • Saves time in installation (plug & play)
  • Requires less space for transport

 Subframe Can Be Tilted In Any Position

  • Cleaning and emptying are possible in all positions

Other Advantages

New Pneumatic Unit

  • Even more reliable
  • Even easier to maintain
  • No leaks in the junction boxes/heating block stones

Subframe Can Be Optionally Fully Enclosed (Closed Design)

  • Meets even the strictest safety requirements in foundries
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Completes the new design


The crucible-free Westomat dosing furnace is a clean, closed holding and dosing system for liquid aluminium. The system is designed to remove metal from below the surface of the bath at all times, allowing it to be transported to the die-casting machine or mold completely automatically and free of contaminations.

To transport the metal, an overpressure is generated in the furnace chamber. This first raises the level of the metal in the riser tube until just before it overflows (top-stop position). When the die-casting machine asks for metal, the pressure in the furnace chamber is increased so that metal is transported immediately. Once the preset amount has been reached, the dosing process is terminated by reducing the pressure. The metal level returns back to the top-stop position and the Westomat is ready for the next dosing process.

The new controls make the system “child’s play” to set up and operate. In addition, cleaning and maintenance requirements are minimized. The durability of the system is proven: our customers are now still using systems which went into operation 25 years ago. It can be integrated into any pressure die-casting system, but it can also be used in gravity die-casting. Westomat versions with a capacity of between 450 kg and 3,100 kg cover all sizes of cast parts. The development of the new Westomat Plus+ took the experiences of customers from all over the world in a wide variety of applications into account.

5000 Examples of Great Customer Experience

5000 Westomats sold, mean 5000 examples of the experience our customers have collected with the units, and these examples were valuable and inspiring for our product development.

We turned everything upside down for the new Westomat Plus+, including handling, measuring technology, control, dosing accuracy, space requirements, heating, pneumatics and, last but not least, operating safety. The new Westomat Plus+ is notable for its extraordinary design. It is the work of the internationally famed machine designer Mr. Jürgen R. Schmidt and his Design Tech team. We wanted to also provide light metal foundries with the things that are already common sense on machine tools used in tool shops and parts manufacture: machines and equipment which give customers and employees alike a modern, dynamic and efficient production environment - and create an enjoyable environment in which to work.