Our Westomat Classic Aluminium Dosing Furnace

Makes Your World Better: Measurably reduces your reject rate

Westomat Classic

Key Benefits

+/- 1,5% Dosing accuracy

1/3 Moderate energy consumption

0.06% Minimum metal loss

Up to 98% System availability


  • ProDos 3 control unit
  • ProDos Diagnostics
  • Biscuit correction
  • Web Server 4.0
  • Rim cleaning jet


  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

Unparalleled Availability And Productivity

±1.5 % Dosing Accuracy

New algorithms in the software of the new ProDos 3 control increase the dosing accuracy of the Westomat to up to ±1.5 %.


1/3 Moderate Energy Consumption

The Westomat only requires one third of the energy consumed by automatic ladle systems using holding furnaces, thus reducing energy costs.


Up To 98 % System Availability

Proven technology, tried and tested components and constant improvement based on industry feedback ensure maximum system uptime.


0.06 % Minimum Material Loss

A metal loss of only 0.06 percent possible with the closed Westomat furnace system is not achieved by any ladle system. This reduces the metal loss by about 80 % in comparison with a holding furnace.

Over 5,000 Westomats have been sold all over the world

Perfectly Tempered Melt

The Westomat precisely maintains the temperature of the melt with a tolerance of ±2° C. This guarantees consistent quality of the cast parts.


Low Maintenance Requirements

Many new developments with regard to handling, operation as well as automation and durability limit the maintenance requirements to a minimum. 


The crucible-free Westomat dosing furnace is a clean, closed holding and dosing system for liquid aluminium. The system is designed to remove metal from below the surface of the bath at all times, allowing it to be transported to the die-casting machine or mould completely automatically and free of contamination.

To transport the metal, an overpressure is generated in the furnace chamber. This first raises the level of the metal in the riser tube until just before it overflows (top-stop position). When the die-casting machine asks for metal, the pressure in the furnace chamber is increased so that metal is transported immediately. Once the preset amount has been reached, the dosing process is terminated by reducing the pressure. The metal level returns back to the top-stop position and the Westomat is ready for the next dosing process.

The new controls make the system child’s play to set up and operate. In addition, cleaning and maintenance requirements are minimized. The durability of the system is proven: our customers are now still using systems which went into operation 25 years ago. It can be integrated into any pressure die-casting system, but it can also be used in gravity die-casting. Westomat versions with a capacity of between 450 kg and 3,100 kg cover all sizes of cast parts. The development of the new Westomat Plus+ took the experiences of customers from all over the world in a wide variety of applications into account.

Thousands Of Options For Your Dosing Furnace

The Westomat gives you a wide range of different options.

  • Extended riser tube for structural components and precision die-casting
  • Biscuit correction to ensure that the shot weight remains precisely within the tolerance limits
  • Integrated porous plugs for treating the melt in the dosing furnace
  • Self-cleaning function for pouring edge and transfer launder (riser tube cleaning and self-cleaning launder)
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