StrikoMelter PUREFFICIENCY┬░: The Most Energy Efficient Furnace

Unique Advantages for Efficient Production


Key Benefits

99.75% Metal yield

489kWh/t Energy consumption

7,300 days Service life

High metal quality


  • Self sealing doors
  • SMS fault message module
  • Shaft filling level laser


  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • High Pressure Die-Casting - Structural Components
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

489 kWh/t - The most energy efficient melting furnace

The world is spared 44,520 t of CO2

Even just the StrikoMelters delivered worldwide in the year 2014 have a total melting capacity of 1,113,000 t of aluminium per year. We are well aware of the responsibility signified by the associated energy consumption. This is why we work daily on reducing it still even further. The result? StrikoMelter shaft melting furnaces installed in 2014 create 44,520 t less CO2 emissions every year than the melting furnace technology otherwise available on the market. This means that the environment is spared greenhouse gases corresponding with the CO2 emissions of a fleet of 23,400 vehicles.

Lower unit costs for the light metal industry

When you invest in a furnace, energy consumption and metal loss over the service life account for more than 95% of the total costs. This is why our developers are constantly working on new cost-saving technologies. For example, a holistic analysis of furnace body, fire-proof lining and burner design allowed the efficiency of the well-known StrikoMelter to be improved even further. Reduced energy consumption, maximum material yield, low wear, simplified lining concept: the PUREFFICEINCY° product line offers unique advantages for efficient production.



The shaft geometry of the StrikoMelter and its special burner technology combining preheating, heating and melting in one furnace shaft. After the charge material has been melted in the lower part, the exhaust heats up the cold raw materials in the upper part of the shaft. The counterflow of melting material and gas allows for an extremely effective use of the exhaust heat according to the regeneration principle. For process reasons, this means that fuel consumption and metal loss are considerably lower than they are with all known products of the competition. The molten metal is transferred to the holding bath free of turbulences and with little dross formation. The melting volume in the holding area is independent of the melting process. As a result, liquid metal with a homogenous composition, a constant tap out temperature with the highest quality and purity is available for your production.

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