StrikoWestofen Pre-dried Chip and Ingot Melting Furnace

Economical in-house recycling

Chip Melting Furnace

Key Benefits

Efficient - minimal metal loss

Varied - wide range of sizes and options

Proven - considerable experience in processing chips

Quality-driven - high metal quality


  • Melting pre-dried chips
  • Melting ingots, returns and pre-dried chips with the Combi Melter


  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

Challenge and Solution

To remelt chips, you need an efficient technology which carries out remelting under the exclusion of air. This is the only way to ensure maximum metal yield and an environmentally sound melting process. StrikoWestofen has developed melting systems for recycling chips which meet these requirements. These aggregates have a chip melting capacity of between 300 and 2,000 kg/h. The combined Strikomelter with the option of chip recycling is used for smaller quantities or where there is only an occasional need for recycling.

Using Returns Profitably

In times of rising prices for raw materials and energy, the recycling of valuable raw materials becomes highly economical. Besides the existing systems for melting returns, the melting of aluminium chips is becoming more and more important. In the production of cast aluminium parts, the in-house recycling of chips is an extremely economical alternative: for example, costs such as those for the acquisition of raw materials (ingots) can be reduced considerably.