OEM Quality Furnace Replacement Parts from StrikoWestofen

Customer service is central to our thinking. This is why we believe that, along with our products, the service we offer is one of the best advertisements for our brands. We know that ideal service by no means ends with the implementation of a new system but is required throughout the entire lifespan of a furnace. Once the maintenance of a StrikoMelter or Westomat or the replacement of wearing parts is required, you as the customer will be glad to know that we provide the necessary service and that it is available immediately.

We support your business around the clock and throughout the entire operating life of the systems, and this allows you to achieve maximum productivity at all times. That is why we keep 95 % of our parts in stock permanently. It means that our spare part hubs in Europe, America and China allow us to deliver parts to most countries within a day, and we guarantee to do so at the lowest possible prices.



Punctual Logistics – around the globe

Through service and spare part hubs in Europe, North America and China we are able to offer one-day delivery in most of the countries.

OEM Quality

Original Designs with highest quality and lowest manufacturing tolerance produced

Genuine parts available worldwide

The StrikoWestofen spare parts pledge is valid worldwide and throughout the entire lifespan of our solutions. Under normal circumstances, all parts required are available from stock and delivered immediately.


We are always available for our customers - 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Factory-trained technicians staffing our service hotline provide immediate expert assistance for all types of systems.