Magnesium Die Casting Solutions

Fast melting and precise dosing for high quality casting

Magnesium Die Casting Solutions

Key Benefits

High melt quality

Reliable, repeatable dosing accuracy ± 1.5%

Constant pouring temperature ± 1.5%

Safer and more sustainable

Key Features

Melting and dosing solutions for Magnesium die casting with high levels of automation and flexible options. Choose elements or a complete solution to meet your foundry’s exact needs. 


  • Powerful heating separately adjustable in 4 zones
  • Controlled ingot feed for safe, low maintenance charging
  • Jetmelter for fast ingot melting, no metal segregation even temperature distribution
  • Unique heat exchanger for high quality, high capacity melt with less space and less risk

Holding and dosing

  • Low temperature fluctuations for exact, reproducible casting temperatures
  • Gentle side heating separately adjustable in different zones 
  • Low movement in the bath, controlled heating for optimal holding
  • Automatic level monitoring and charging
  • Optimised pump positioning for best melt quality
  • Unrivalled dosing precision


  • Magnesium die casting

Magnesium Melting and Dosing Tailored to Your Foundry

A key component of StrikoWestofen’s line up for light metal casting, our flexible, modularised solution for Magnesium melting and dosing empowers foundries to pick, choose - and in many cases automate – the exact furnaces and functionalities they need. It makes safe, sustainable, high quality Magnesium casting simple.

Separate processes, one solution - optimal results

Magnesium needs to be melted quickly and actively mixed to avoid metal segregation and promote even temperature distribution. Before dosing, melt needs to be held still and gently heated at a consistent temperature so that oxides separate and can be easily isolated in order to guarantee only the highest quality melt is taken for casting. The best way to achieve these distinct objectives is to decouple the two processes but ensure they still work seamlessly together. So that’s what we’ve done.

Melt fast, mix well

The StrikoWestofen Magnesium melting furnace features an ingot feed system which supports safer, cleaner, ‘splash free’ charging and rapid metal melting – a necessity for mitigating risk of segregation and optimising melt quality.

For huge melting capacities a special Jetmelter is then used to forcibly melt and flush cold-fed ingots with hot melt in order to quickly and effectively equalise temperature throughout. In fact, the melt is both evenly heated and distributed in the crucible to optimise conditions and avoid any hot spots.

Bigger melt capacity – safer, smaller furnace

Enhanced and stable temperature maintenance is also a benefit delivered by our unique heat exchanger – an industry first and useful tool for foundries looking to up their melting capacities without increasing protective gas.

Increasing melt capacity typically means increasing crucible size and, in turn, furnace size and volume of protective inert gas.  In other words, melting more Magnesium can mean more space and more risk.

Not any more. Our heat exchanger, also available as a retrofit for existing furnaces, means a large melting capacity can be achieved even with small crucibles. Crucible and furnace footprint can be kept small, which means less inert gas and space requirement. Better for melting performance, productivity and for the environment.

Hold still for better metal

Once the melted Magnesium is transferred to the holding furnace crucible via transfer tube, calmness is key. Floating oxides can settle in the calmed melt and will not be cast.

Any excessive movement can cause oxides and contaminants to mix into the melt which can lead to poor quality castings and increased scrap rates.

Side heating functionality in our holding furnace ensures melt is heated softly and uniformly to promote favourable oxide deposition i.e. ensuring light, protective oxides form on the surface and heavy oxides sink to the bottom. Bath levels are also continuously radar monitored so that the furnace is automatically recharged as required.

Always the right dose

To ensure the best quality melt is taken from the holding bath and presented for further processing or directly to the die casting machine, a centrifugal pump is positioned at exactly half-bath depth.

This pump - the most precise dosing pump on the market – delivers liquid Magnesium with a dosing precision of +/- 1.5%. The system is designed to guarantee the right dose of high-quality molten metal is always delivered at the right time and within short cycle times.

Technical Details

Individual furnace solutions are tailored to exact needs:

  • Melting capacities from 100 to 1500 kg/h
  • Shot weights from 2 to 50 kg/shot
  • Melting furnace capacity from 800 to 3000 kg (electrically and gas heated)
  • Holding furnace capacity from 400 to 1200 kg (electrically heated)


StrikoWestofen’s modular solutions for Magnesium are available with a range of options including:

  • Mixed gas preparation for two or three gases, pressure controlled
  • Ingot preheating, electrically heated, from 150 to 1500 kg/h
  • Ingot destacking, depalletising with automatic ingot recognition
  • Preheating devices for dosing pipes and pumps for quick change
  • Cleaning station for flushing pipes and cleaning pumps
  • Charging of return material by means of return sluice (recycling)
  • Contact-free bath level measurement by radar