StrikoWestofen Talks Green Foundries at China Forum


StrikoWestofen took part in a high-profile panel discussion about the Green Foundry at the 2017 China Foundry Congress at Suzhou International Expo Center.

The discussion was attended by experts, scholars and business leaders from China and abroad, keen to share developments, state-of-the-art technologies and new ideas. 

Mr. Zhang Yongxiang, a senior project manager at StrikoWestofen, was invited to join the top-level discussion about green foundry solutions in the context of growing prosperity. Mr. Zhang Yongxiang talked of the need to find new profit growth points as the costs of raw materials, labour and operations continue to rise for Chinese foundries. 

“In the foundry industry, energy use is directly linked to customer profit. But unlike emerging industries, the foundry sector is short of big data to tackle issues like energy use. As a result, investment in intelligent manufacturing is now a must. StrikoWestofen is marching towards green development. As part of our corporate strategy, our Centre for Product Innovation (CPI) in Europe is helping to drive innovation and create effective “engineer to engineer” relations with customers, which will ensure we continue to provide customers with ever greener, state-of-the-art products and services.”

To this end, StrikoWestofen recently launched the industry’s first horizontal and vertical system for loading and unloading, and replaced manual discharging of aluminum via tilting furnaces with a much safer, more energy efficient pumping system. These new technologies are making factories more automated and intelligent while saving manpower and significantly reducing risks.

“With 70 plus years’ experience in the industry, StrikoWestofen already achieves very low natural gas consumption per unit of aluminum fluid. Building on this, we will continue to innovate and provide manufacturers with premium quality solutions that meet their needs for efficient, low-cost production, while minimising the impact on our environment to make greener foundries possible.”

Mr. Zhang Yongxiang concluded: “It was fantastic to attend the event and speak to so many experts about a greener future for foundries and how it impacts manufacturing here in China.”