Technology Portfolio Broadening


Norican Group is the world's leading provider of parts formation (horizontal, matchplate & vertical sand moulding) and surface preparation technologies (airblast, wheelblast and mass finishing) for metal parts. Its core branded technology platforms are DISA and Wheelabrator.

In researching the world’s best partner for broadening its offer into the Aluminium foundry industry, Norican identified the LMCS Group as the best combination of technology, customer service support and industry talent. The LMCS Group’s market leading product portfolio, represented by StrikoWestofen, Italpresse, and Gauss, adds significant technological innovation to our collective ability to improve our customers’ profitability. If you are an existing customer of either LMCS Group or Norican, this transaction will have no impact on the business relationship between you and our brands. Your current relationship with our Group in regards to products, services or spare parts, remain unchanged by this transaction. With LMCS Group becoming part of the strong Norican network, customers of StrikoWestofen, Italpresse and Gauss can expect even more innovations, a broader product offering and an enhanced local care and support worldwide.

If you are not a current customer, we stand ready to serve you in your pursuit of excellence through the combination of our broadened technology portfolio. Please give us a call and let us share with you ways we can improve your profitability.