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Whether Corona Virus (COVID-19) restrictions have put your production on pause or have meant a reduced level of casting, we are here to help make sure your aluminium operations get back up and running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively for optimal productivity, fast.

Our aim is, and has always been, to provide you with the best possible support under any circumstances. So, with that in mind - here are a few things you might find useful as we move forward, together.

Before you start your melting furnaces...

Did you know furnace efficiency and functionality can be affected by periods of inactivity? To ensure your StrikoMelter delivers optimum melting performance from the beginning, it is advisable to carry out basic cleaning before re-starting – this will also help achieving optimum metal quality.

It is also worth cleaning and checking the positioning of the thermocouples located in the melting and holding chamber, as accurate temperature monitoring is essential to furnace efficiency.

Lastly, for optimal performance it is advisable to dismantle the protective tubes and making sure the correct pre-heating program is selected (with a short heating curve).

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Not at full capacity? You can still melt efficiently

Once operational again, many aluminium foundries are likely to face periods of unpredictable production and interrupted melting. As well as increasing energy consumption, this stop/start process can also result in metal quality decreasing due to oxidation and dross formation.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Switching to longer melting periods during low utilization, where melting and holding are automatically applied in the most energy efficient way, can prevent energy wastage and ensure quality isn’t compromised. This is especially the case when melting furnaces are operating below 75% capacity.

Find out more about our Part Load Efficiency Control

Remote maintenance and service support – that’s smart!

Current restrictions may have limited travelling, but they are not putting any limits on the level of maintenance and service support you receive.

At StrikoWestofen, our Smart Services Plan app ensures you get the assistance you need, when you need it. Enabling you to remotely connect with our foundry experts via a tablet or smartphone, bidirectional video and audio streams means our technicians can see what you see, identify any issues and talk you through solutions.

Whether you have a technical issue to solve, need access to product details, documentation or video tutorials, or simply need a quick bit of advice to help get you up and running, our range of remote services is ready and waiting.

Smart Service Plan - Remote service whenever you need it

Watch the video and find out how we reduce service costs and waiting times with the help of augmented reality features and bi-directional video and audio streams.
Norican experts connect to you virtually and get a look at the machine through your eyes from the office.

Solutions to help push ‘go’ on your aluminium casting

Whatever your circumstances, our team of experts and technicians and our full range of remote services are at your disposal: or +49 2261 7091 129

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