StrikoWestofen Ramp Melting Furnaces with Shaft

Ramp Melting Furnace

Основные преимущества

Flexible charging

Low metal loss

Proven technology

Low energy consumption


  • Melting sows and even t-bars

Варианты применения

  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

Flexible charging - Can be loaded with sows, T-Bars, ingots or returns

Low metal loss

One of the largest cost drivers in the manufacture of liquid aluminium is the metal loss. The StrikoMelter ramp furnace minimizes the metal loss. In comparison with a reverb furnace, it offers enormous potential savings which have an immediate positive effect on profits.

Low energy consumption

Energy consumption is drastically reduced when melting T-bars and sows, as the waste heat from the ramp furnace can be used to preheat return material in the melting shaft. Therefore, in comparison with a reverb furnace, the StrikoWestofen ramp melting furnace allows significant energy costs savings.



The StrikoMelter ramp melting furnace has been adapted to meet the requirements of customers who use T-bars and sows.

As the EtaMax® shaft is not suitable for the melting of T-bars, these are melted on the melting ramp. The EtaMax® shaft is used to melt the returns in order to guarantee the customary high energy yields at a low energy consumption.

Other Highlights

  • Melting ramp suitable for all usual T-bars and sows
  • Raising of the melting shaft for large-volume returns 
  • Laser monitoring of the filling level in the melting shaft
  • Separate gas consumption measurement for ramp and shaft melting

Advances in furnace technology

Save money and improve quality