Controls to Suit All Applications

ProDos3: The Control For Pressure Die-casting

The dosing control ProDos3 is an intelligent high-precision control which was specially developed for pressure die-casting.

The continuous analysis of the processes of the pressure die-casting machine allows it to precisely adapt the dosing procedure of the Westomat to the production cycle. The microprocessor-controlled digital unit is for the control, operation and visualization of the dosing system and is equipped with an interface for remote diagnosis.

Production data can be read out via a USB interface on the front of the switching cabinet using a USB stick. The system is operated via a 15 inch touchscreen display. The process sequence is displayed graphically in real time on the display (basic screen). A program optimized for the pressure die-casting process is stored in the control and helps you to prepare the time-optimized processes. All messages are shown in plain text. The clear menu guidance ensures extremely easy handling.

ProDos3: Your Advantages

  • Control specially designed for pressure die-casting
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Graphical display of the process in real time
  • Constant data analysis to precisely adapt the production cycle in   each case
  • Interface for remote diagnosis of the production data:
    • Integrated web server
    • External access to data possible
    • Analysis of all relevant system parameters in seconds

® VPC dynamic

The Solution For Gravity Die-Casting (Sandcasting and Permanent Mould Casting)

The VPC dynamic dosing control  is a control based on Siemens S7-3* and is developed for the Westomat in gravity die-casting.

Besides the precise control of the dosing process, the control can fulfil virtually all desired casting curves (or casting recipes). The modular structure ensures that necessary functions can be implemented quickly and easily. Functions can also be implemented later, usually even without stopping the ongoing operation of the system.

The VPC dynamic utilizes a 15-inch touchscreen display. The operator interface informs the user of all states of the Westomat at a glance. The intuitively operated visualization reduces the input times and leaves practically no questions left to answer in operation. And if questions do arise, help texts and optional operating instructions completely integrated into the operating unit are of assistance at all times.

The performance range of the VPC dynamic substantially exceeds that of all earlier systems. For example, a sandcasting system can directly access up to 10,000 die-casting programs. Connection to Profibus or Industrial Ethernet or a separate control panel are of course possible.

VPC: Your Advantages

  • Precise control of the dosing process
  • Virtually all individually required functions can be realized
  • Modular structure allow rapid expansion
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface
  • Proven solution in sandcasting and permanent mould casting