Aluminium Launder System

Safe metal transfer tailored to your layout

Aluminium Launder System

Key Benefits

Increased safety

Energy efficient refractory construction

Adjustable height and length

Power consumption tracking

Key Features

  • Precise temperature control and tracking possible
  • Energy efficient refractory construction
  • Adjustable height and length
  • Power consumption tracking


A safer alternative to metal transfer via ladle for:

  • Low pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting
  • Sand and gravity casting

Made-to-measure metal transfer that puts safety first

Transferring metal via forklifts and open ladles is far from ideal when it comes to worker safety and potential metal loss. Transferring liquid aluminium to holding/dosing furnaces, die casting machines and moulding lines via a heated launder system is a safer, more efficient alternative.

Covered to prevent dangerous and costly spills, gently heated to maintain a constant melt temperature, and highly insulated to prevent energy loss, our Launder System is completely customizable to any casting cell or foundry layout.

We’ll find your optimal fit

Uneven floor? No problem. Adjustable heavy-duty feet mean our Launder System can cope with any variation to ensure even height for smooth metal flow. Complicated layout or short on space? We’ve got that covered too. Available in sizes ranging from 2 – 100 meters and with flanges on either side, our Launder System can be tailored to fit any space.

This capability is important as it also delivers greater furnace size flexibility. For example, if a bigger capacity is needed but only a smaller furnace will fit, our Launder System can be used to position the bale-out pocket separately, closer to the pump location, freeing up valuable space that allows the larger capacity melting furnace to be used.

Calm transfer means better quality

Smooth transfer is key to melt quality as any turbulence can lead to oxides in the molten aluminium. The StrikoWestofen Launder System is designed with this in mind - eliminating any kind of agitation every step of the way.

Keep the heat, save your energy

Gentle heating, pneumatically operated launder lids with tight seals, exacting temperature controls and a blend of clever refractory design features. These all combine to maintain molten aluminium at optimal temperature, eliminating heat loss and utilizing the metal’s own thermal conductivity to keep energy costs down.

Delivered and installed how you need it

The launder is delivered completely fireproof, mechanically and electrically pre-installed. The individual elements are sealed and bolted together according to the layout design. The joints are then filled with small amounts of refractory material to optimize heat retention. No risk of leaks. Just an energy-efficient aluminium transfer system that’s ready to go.

Technical Details & Features/Options

Technical Details

  • Available for various lengths and heights
  • Pneumatically movable launder covers
  • Electrically heated channels (3 heating plates per 3m section with a connected load of 3x 6.2 kW = 18.6 kW).


  • Pre-cast refractory shapes/pieces are possible