Save your energy: you’ve found the furnaces you need

StrikoWestofen metal melting, transfer and dosing furnaces for the global light metal casting industry all share one thing in common. They will save you energy.

StrikoWestofen's highly-sustainable solutions consume less energy and resources, generate fewer emissions and radically reduce waste.

You won't have to waste energy and effort worrying about process efficiency and productivity. Our technologies maximise your metal yield, optimize melt quality and help cut your costs per casting to increase profits, all while seamlessly integrating with your specific foundry equipment and set-up.

We've put over 60 years' worth of foundry experience into developing a range of furnaces, technologies, digital innovations and support services that make your world better.

Foundry Efficiency: How to optimise metal melting, transfer and dosing for sustainable casting success

What makes an aluminium foundry more efficient and ultimately, more profitable? There’s no single answer to this question. But there is one great place to start looking. The melt shop.

Melting metal is energy intensive. Which is why the melt shop can account for as much as 77% of total consumption across the whole foundry. It is also a process integral to overall productivity.  Better melt = less scrap. A higher yield of better melt = a higher volume of quality cast parts.

Helping customers achieve this ‘difference’ is our focus at StrikoWestofen. You’ll see it reflected in the industry leading energy performance of our melting, holding and dosing furnaces, in the maintenance and equipment modernization services we offer to deliver maximum ROI, and in the digital solutions we are continuously developing to help simplify and automate key processes.

Cut costs, increase quality

There doesn’t need to be a compromise between the two. For years, we’ve developed furnace solutions specifically designed to help foundries achieve both.

There are energy efficient ways to melt more metal, more quickly while also preserving liquid metal quality by mitigating risk of contamination at every stage prior to casting.

And with the emergence of new digital innovations to streamline and safeguard processes, achieving this once challenging balancing act has never been easier.

Sustainability: for a better tomorrow

Solutions that use less energy don’t just cost less to run; they also minimize impact on the environment. With the right technologies in place foundries can be leaner and greener.

They can lower harmful emissions, reduce unnecessary waste and meet the strictest of regulatory guidelines, all without sacrificing production volume or profit.

What’s more, the solutions designed to help foundries achieve these goals are often cleaner, safer and more user-friendly, helping to make modern foundry environments better working environments.

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