Monitizer® REFILL MONITOR: The Ultimate Furnace Monitoring System

Key Benefits

  • Maximize furnace and casting line uptime
  • Improve metal supply productivity by up to 15%
  • Easily manage refilling for multiple lines
  • Use with any dosing/bale-out furnace

Key Features

  • Real time data collection
  • Customizable refill status dashboards
  • Colour coding for quick reference
  • Easy to install on existing machines
  • Real time refill analytic


  • Big screen display
  • Forklift tablets


Suitable for all types of aluminium die casting 

Optimised metal filling, super productivity

To keep die casting machines running at full efficiency, dosing and holding furnaces should always be fed with enough liquid metal. In a busy die casting foundry, this can be a challenge. Large production halls, multiple lines and casting in different alloys can all make it difficult to know when each furnace needs filling to maximize uptime and minimize filling runs.

But not with Monitizer® | Refill Monitor. Our cloud-based solution uses sensor data to continuously check furnace fill levels against the metal consumption of the die casting process. It then presents the analyzed data as informative online dashboards which clearly show in real time when each furnace will need refilling, with which alloy, and the weight of metal required.

What difference does this make? A big one, in fact with this simple tool the productivity of metal supply increases by up to 15%!

Monitizer® | REFILL MONITOR - perfect metal filling logistics

Watch the video an find out how to use real-time production data to manage multiple casting lines to ensure timely supply of molten metal.

Eliminate stops, cut the scrap

By presenting users with a clear and real time view of furnace filling levels and metal requirements

Monitizer | Refill Monitor helps die casting foundries:

  • Avoid production stops from delayed filling
  • Ensure the melt shop team always know what’s needed
  • Reduce the number of filling runs needed to run at full capacity
  • Eliminate stoppages due to filling delays or overfilling dosing furnaces
  • Stop scrap caused by filling after metal levels have dropped too low
  • Prevent production hold ups and wastage linked to filling furnaces with the wrong alloy

One glance is all it takes

In addition to being designed to maximize machine uptime, Monitizer | Refill Monitor has also been developed to be super-easy to use.

With just one glance, dashboards accessible on a range of devices show authorized operators, working in metal supply and melt shop, the metal demand of all dosing systems attached to casting lines.

These dashboards are completely tailorable to show the information and KPIs going to be most valuable to your specific set-up. This includes the ability to set your own specific thresholds for filling, and to assign colour code indicators – red, amber and green - to make it even easier to see where and when action is needed.

Here’s a taste of what you could see:

  • Furnace number
  • Type of alloy
  • Furnace filling level range
  • Actual refill weight in kg
  • Refill time (time until furnace runs dry or reaches a specific threshold)
  • Fill level of furnace in percentage
  • Number of doses per furnace
  • Quantity of dosed aluminium per furnace

Beyond that, you could have analytical data regarding your refill operations:

  • Number of refills per each day
  • Point of time of each refill
  • Pre-refill filling level value
  • Post-refill filling level value
  • Filling level difference after each refill
  • Pre-refill temperature value

Find out how Alupress tailored their dashboards

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A solution about you, not us 

Finally, Monitizer | Refill Monitor is also easy to install. It requires no pre-existing digital infrastructure. The solution is also completely supplier agnostic which means it can be used to connect any of your furnaces, not just those supplied by StrikoWestofen.

So? what are you waiting for? See how data can transform your metal supply logistics and make a clear, measurable difference to your productivity levels.