Aluminium Holding Furnaces

Long life, high performance holding

Aluminium Holding Furnaces

Key Benefits

Low wear, long life

High melt quality

Low energy consumption

Highly customizable

Key Features

  • Constant temperature control
  • Re-alloying system
  • Holding capacity of up to 25t
  • Supply via ladle or launder


  • Can be used for aluminium or zinc
  • High pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting - structural components
  • Sand and gravity casting

Aluminium holding, your way

All StrikoWestofen holding furnaces, whatever size or specification, are characterized by low energy consumption, melt quality control, and a long service life – they are low wear by design. What’s more, they have been developed to offer a wide range of options for complete customization, enabling you to tailor your holding solution to your specific foundry layout and set-up.

Ladle or launder

Molten metal can be delivered to the holding furnace via transport ladle, using a dedicated filling pocket, or alternatively using a launder system – ensuring ultimate flexibility to partner technology used.

Constant temperature, consistent quality

Once liquid metal has been received, our aluminium holding furnaces ensure temperatures are maintained to tight tolerances. As well as optimizing melt quality – and therefore the quality of the final aluminium cast product - this also minimizes energy wastage that can result from correcting heat fluctuations.

These benefits can also be achieved if re-alloying is required. In this instance a specially designed pre-heating ramp can be added to warm or quickly melt materials before they reach the aluminium melt bath. More about the Aluminium Holding Furnace with Melting Ramp.

Tap, tilt or pump

Our aluminium holding furnaces ensure your casting lines always have the right amount of molten metal, delivered in a way which suits your specific needs. With multiple tapping options, a tilting furnace variation, or an external pump pocket (for transfer pump metal removal), whichever way you choose to feed your line, do so with complete confidence.

Technical Details and Options

Technical Details

  • Holding capacity of up to 25t


  • Ramp for preheating alloying additions
  • Remove metal via tap, tilt or pump
  • Special burner equipment for holding zinc alloys
  • Porous plugs
  • Liquid metal filling pocket