Westomat Classic Aluminium Dosing Furnace

Accurate, efficient, reliable: the original for aluminium dosing

Westomat Classic

Key Benefits

High dosing accuracy of ±1.5 %

Metal loss of just 0.06%

Uses 2/3 less energy than ladle/holding furnace

98% system uptime

Key Features

  • ProDos 3.3 Control
  • Biscuit Correction
  • Web Server 4.0
  • PneuCo level scanning
  • Riser Tube Rim Cleaning Jet


  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • High Pressure Die Casting – Structural
  • Gravity Casting
  • Green Sand Casting

The original, for good reason

The crucible-free Westomat Classic dosing furnace is a clean, closed holding and dosing system for liquid aluminium. With unparalleled dosing accuracy, extreme energy efficiency, unrivalled uptime, and metal loss as low as 0.06%, our original dosing furnace continues to be the ‘go to’ solution for aluminium casting. The Westomat Classic helps customers cut scrap, energy consumption and – thanks to being super easy to install, integrate, operate and maintain – eases pressure on foundry resources. All of which means more castings of consistent quality, at reduced cost.

Westomat at DGS

To gear up for future demand, DGS China opted for a complete aluminium foundry solution with melting and dosing equipment from StrikoWestofen and die casting machines from ItalPresseGauss.

High metal yield, high metal quality, dependable delivery
Dosing furnaces are known to reduce metal loss by up to 80% in comparison to stand-alone holding furnaces with automatic ladle systems.
Our Westomat Classic’s many clever design and operational features maximize this advantage to always deliver the right amount of high-quality melt, exactly when needed. Here’s how:

1) Better metal made simple

The Westomat Classic offers the option of porous plugs which allow inert gas to be dispersed into the melt via extremely fine bubbles to remove hydrogen and other impurities from the liquid metal to enhance melt quality – lowering the risk of production scrap further down the line.

Additionally, with our famous dosing furnace liquid aluminium is kept at a constant temperature and is always removed from below the bath surface via a flanged riser tube (which can be extended to specifically suit structural component casting). This allows the liquid metal to be transported directly to the die-casting machine or mould automatically and free of oxide contaminations that   decrease the likelihood of defective castings.

2) Complete control. Always.

The Westomat Classic’s intelligent control system has always made managing precision dosing simple. Our new and improved ProDos 3.3 control solution just made things even easier.

Its enhanced user interface and algorithms help foundries seamlessly monitor and analyze machine data (current or historic), run diagnostics and adjust settings. Built in biscuit correction for example, ensures dosing weight is continuously and automatically adjusted for optimal accuracy. What’s more, our new Web Server option ensures all this can be done remotely and securely, and that information key to efficient management can be easily shared.

3) Dosing accuracy by design

Dosing accuracy isn’t just down to having the right software. It’s also about the right technical solutions. Our PneuCo pneumatic top stop detection system is one example. It uses air pressure waves to generate electrical pulses that precisely manage dosing timing and melt volume. Another example is our Rim Cleaning Jet which cleans the riser tube rim of aluminium deposits that can impact dosing precision. Both systems also reduce maintenance requirements and help improve uptime.

Compact & Customised: Westomat Duo

Interested in getting all the benefits of Westomat with:
14% less footprint
Easy sample taking
Better access for maintenance
Purging lance

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For all these reasons and more you’ll find over 5,000 Westomats operating around the world.

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Technical Details

  • Holding capacity of between 450 and 3,100kg
  • Customized sizing available


For more technical details on the following, click here:

  • Biscuit correction
  • Rim Cleaning Jet
  • ProDos 3.3 control
  • Web Server 4.0
  • VNC Server
  • PneuCo for the Riser Tube

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Integrates perfectly with:


The safest solution for the direct transfer of liquid metal to the die-casting system

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The cloud based Refill Monitor uses sensor data to forecast time and quantity of topping up metal. A Dashboard shows operators at a glance the metal demand of all dosing systems attached to casting lines.

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