Solutions that help you turn data into value

Aluminium die casting foundries around the world are on a digital journey. The goal? To use data to enhance operations and productivity. And we’re here to help.
More specifically, StrikoWestofen’s innovative suite of Monitizer® solutions are here to make sure that whatever stage you are at in your digital journey, you have the right tools at your disposal to aggregate and track data, automate activity and fully optimise your foundry. From maximizing your furnace efficiency, through to making sure all your equipment and processes work in perfect harmony.

Building the foundation for the digital foundry

We split the digital foundry journey into four phases. Each phase builds on the previous one to enable data-driven optimisation:


The digital foundry journey starts with collecting process data from local machines and sensors and feeding this time-stamped, standardized and encrypted data to a central database.       


With real-time and historical data available locally, managers can start to visualise it using customised dashboards, charts, graphs and other reporting tools to gain insight into their processes. Companies can also use cloud systems to access information remotely, aggregate process data from multiple global sites or lines and visualise it.


By analysing data from one or more foundries, managers can pinpoint process bottlenecks or problems like poor quality or downtime, and look for what causes them. They can also adopt more complex automated analysis, using techniques like machine learning, that delivers insight in real time.


Based on the learnings from analytics, action must be taken to improve foundry performance. The intervention can be a simple manual adjustment to a machine or an automatic real-time change to machine settings that keeps a process on track.

Meet the Monitizer® family

First up, Monitizer® | REFILL MONITOR. To keep die casting machines running at full efficiency, dosing and holding furnaces should always be fed with enough liquid metal. Which can be difficult. Large production halls, complex production lines and casting in different alloys are all common factors that make keeping a real time view of fill levels and refill timings, tricky. Our cloud-based, Monitizer® | REFILL MONITOR solves the problem by using sensor data to check fill levels against metal consumed during the casting process. The result? Real time dashboards showing when to refill each furnace with the exact amount of metal needed.

Next, say hello to Monitizer® | DISCOVER . Powered by Norican Group, this easy-to-use platform enables die casting foundries to access and analyse performance and operating data from any piece of equipment - including non-Norican equipment – wherever and whenever needed. Even if your equipment is not yet IoT enabled, it doesn’t matter. With this digital solution, managers can aggregate data from multiple StrikoMelter, whole die casting lines and even different global sites, then report and analyze it to inform decisions and process improvements.

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE takes an even bigger leap forward, with automated analytics that deliver dynamic, real-time process control. This practical, proven service employs Artificial Intelligence to significantly reduce scrap and enhance profitability. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your digital journey or how long you have been in business. Whether you use High Pressure, Gravity or Low Pressure die casting technology, and whatever peripheral equipment your lines employ, the StrikoWestofen Monitizer® family of digital solutions will help turn your data into practical improvements that will add value to your business.