Melting Furnace with Bale-out

High quality melt for immediate taking and casting

Melting Furnace with Bale-out

Key Benefits

High metal quality

No metal transfer to separate bale-out furnace

Energy efficient melt system

Save labour, space and time

Key Features

  • Proven StrikoMelter shaft technology
  • Sub-surface bath to bale-out conjunction
  • Temperature-controlled bale-out pocket
  • Compact design for any casting cell


  • Gravity and HPDC cells
  • Sand casting
  • Casting via ladle

High quality metal, ready to cast

StrikoWestofen’s compact StrikoMelter with Bale-out Pocket delivers high quality melt for immediate taking and metal casting, seamlessly blending two key processes in one.

Building on the proven energy, metal yield and melt quality benefits of StrikoMelter’s ETAMAX® shaft, liquid metal is fed directly from the furnace holding chamber to the attached bale-out pocket ready for immediate metal casting via ladle or transfer via pump.

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Metal quality is optimized throughout the melt system. The holding chamber bath is heated uniformly using a soft flame to minimize harsh impact and bath movement which can in turn, negatively affect melt quality. Additionally, by taking metal from below the bath-surface the conjunction between holding chamber and bale-out pocket mitigates risk of dross transfer. Immersion heaters in the bale-out pocket are also available as an additional temperature control measure. 

Metal treatment how and where you need it

To further enhance melt quality, a particle filter plate can be added upstream of the bale-out pocket to ensure any remaining oxide particles in the melt mix are removed, avoiding risk of inclusion formation in finished cast parts. Porous plugs can also be used in the holding chamber to help degas the melt.

If your casting application requires ever greater levels of melt filtration via use of a dedicated impeller system for degassing, this can also be accommodated as an integral furnace function.

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Quality that also cuts costs

In addition to optimizing quality, the StrikoMelter with Bale-out Pocket helps foundries cut costs.

Compact by design and configurable to integrate seamlessly with any casting cell set-up, the need for a separate, stand-alone bale-out furnace is removed. This minimizes overall equipment footprint, enabling foundries to maximize operating space, and also cuts out a production process saving time, energy and effort. Eliminating the need to transfer molten aluminium to a separate bale-out furnace also improves safety, another key concern in modern foundry environments.

Technical Details

  • All benefits of StrikoMelter shaft furnaces technology with ETAMAX® shaft
  • Melting capacity from 350 kg/hr to 2 tons/hr
  • Bale-out pocket from 450x450 mm to 800x800 mm


  • Higher melting capacity on demand
  • Larger bale-out pocket on demand
  • Additional bale-out pocket
  • Particle filter plate