StrikoWestofen's Mobile Pre-Heating Station

Key Benefits

- Increased service life for ceramic components

- High dosing furnace availability

- Lower maintenance costs

- Improved safety

Key Features

- Completely mobile unit

- Continuous temperature control

- Two zones for heating different components 

- Adaptors for any OEM ceramic part


- High Pressure Die-Casting

- Any other application  where pre-heating components becomes necessary


Pre-heat to protect your productivity

Westomat dosing furnaces are built to last for decades. But thermal shock can destroy their ceramic components in seconds. Then you have to find and fit replacement parts, while production stops – and expensive downtime starts. Which all means productivity suffers.

Pre-heating ceramic components is the ideal preventative measure. But only if done safely. Improvised heating solutions not specifically designed for the shape and dimensions of your furnace components may put your workers’ safety at risk, and potentially cause damage rather than prevent it.

Say hello to pre-heating perfected for Westomat

StrikoWestofen’s mobile heating station uniformly pre-heats ceramic components to 400⁰C just before use. Purpose-built for the Westomat, it holds riser tubes and lower filling funnels in exactly the right position. This helps prevent damage and avoid accidents with hot components.

Choose this specialist accessory to keep your process running smoothly – and safely.

  • mobile unit – move it easily to where it’s needed
  • longer component service life – correctly-sized adaptors retain tubes and funnels securely
  • separate ovens – heat two components to different temperatures at the same time
  • simple, safe operation and continuous temperature control
  • available immediately from your local StrikoWestofen base