Melting Furnace Upgrades and Modernization Services

Improve the Performance of your Current Equipment

Energy consumption and metal loss are responsible for up to 95 % of total cost of ownership of a melting furnace. This makes life-long optimization of the systems and the introduction of measures for increasing the energy efficiency worthwhile.

For this reason, we constantly work on the improvement of our furnaces - and this applies to new furnaces as well as to retrofits of systems already installed in foundries. We also offer training courses in order to train the operators with regard to optimum system settings and operating modes.

Modernise your equipment:

Automatic shaft cover/hot gas baffle

  • Shortens free-melting process by about 20 %
  • Saves approx. 15 % of the energy in melting–free operation
  • Automatically closes during weekend and holding operation, thus making further energy savings of up to 5 %

Shaft filling level laser

  • Optimizes the charging cycles and the filling level in the melting shaft with the purpose of keeping the shaft optimally filled at all times for optimum heat recovery
  • Increases the efficiency of the ETAMAX® in melting operation by up to 10 %
  • Automates the charging cycles and increases the operating safety

Refractory relining

  • Reduces the consumption of natural gas (m³/t Al) up to 40 %
  • Optimizes the maximum melting performance
  • Melting capacity available on lease during refractory relining (gas-fired crucible furnaces)

Triple bath filling level monitoring

  • Increases operational safety
  • Additionally monitors furnace filling level and safeguards against overfilling

Automatic tapping valve

  • Automates metal withdrawal
  • Improves occupational health and safety
  • Improves operational and process reliability

Overhaul and replacement of charging devices

  • Increases the operational safety and efficiency of the melting furnace
  • Optimization of the charging cycle and improvement of the melting capacity

SMS fault message module 

  • Automatic forwarding of operating messages and fault messages to mobile devices
  • Improvement of the operating and process reliability

Steel construction, burner system and replace the control cabinet

  • Reduces the energy consumption according to the state of the art
  • Improves the operational reliability and process stability
  • Product innovations can be implemented in existing melting systems (including the new option of near-stoichiometric combustion)

Weighing and transfer of energy consumption data   

  • Measures and records energy consumption and process data for the assessment and optimization of current operational status
  • Optimizes the consumption values during the production process

We were able to reduce our gas consumption by about ten percent.

Production Manager
Czech OEM Customer

By installing a new refractory lining a Czech OEM was able to considerably reduce energy consumption by retrofitting the latest shaft filling level lasers to four StrikoMelter systems built in 1999.

They saved a total of € 110,000 annually on the operation of the furnaces. The one-off purchase cost of € 40,000 saw a return within just four months.

“The precise filling of the shaft achieved with the help of the integrated laser scanner improved the heat recovery of the ETAMAX® system in the StrikoMelter to such an extent that we were able to reduce our gas consumption by about ten percent. Without the laser scanner, the gas consumption totals 63.3 m3 per tonne of aluminum. The new shaft filling level monitoring immediately reduced the consumption to 57.1 m3 per tonne.”

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