Part Load Furnace Control: The Efficient Energy Solution for Foundries

Melting less? Then start saving more!

Key Benefits

  • Optimize energy savings at 30-75% utilization
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Lower loads, higher savings 
  • Easy to retrofit

Key Features

Furnace control software automates and co-ordinates:

  • Melting and holding
  • Shaft cover (with shaft laser)
  • Free-melting
  • Bath level monitoring (with bath level laser)


Suitable for all types of aluminium die casting 

Say goodbye to ‘partial load’ energy loss

Say hello to savings

Is your melting furnace showing high energy consumption values with low utilization? Ifs so, you are not alone.

Many aluminium foundries don’t melt at a 100 % capacity, for example during the start-up phase of a project, maintenance work carried out on the casting machines or when planning future capacity. During this time, the melting furnace often operates at only 30 to 75% of its capacity.

This can lead to several short melting periods within one shift of production. Short melting periods are not very efficient, as the energy-intensive process of liquefying metal is interrupted again and again.

The Part Load Efficiency Control (PLEC) puts a stop to this by automatically optimizes “melting” and “holding” operating modes according to utilization. This switch to longer melting periods has been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Part Load Efficiency Control for StrikoMelter

Watch the video and find out how to safe energy and optimally control your resources during part load operation. Stop wasting energy and start saving!

What is Part Load Efficiency Control?

It is a software package, implemented in the furnace control system, that largely automates the control of the melting phases - according to utilization levels - in order to optimise energy consumption. The lower the load, the greater the potential savings.

Four features for big benefits 

The software offers four different features that can be enabled or disabled individually on the HMI panel or the switch cabinet of the StrikoMelter. Here’s how they work to save you energy and cut your costs.

1. Clever control for smart savings

PLEC automatically controls the furnace ‘melting’ and ‘holding’ modes to strike exactly the right balance for optimal energy consumption, and to eliminate stop/start wastage.

2. Cover up to keep energy down

Whenever ‘holding’ mode in selected, another key feature of the PLEC is that it integrates with your furnace’s shaft laser to automatically close the shaft cover in order to maximise heat retention.

3. Free melting made simple

In your daily business, the PLEC automatically commences free melting at the time you scheduled – an essential daily process to ensure dross removal.

4. The perfect bath for optimal results

Finally, the PLEC takes into account how full the bath should be at the start of the free melting process, and co-ordinates furnace controls to ensure the correct fill level is achieved when this process is scheduled to commence.

Together these four features optimize the melting phases to minimise energy consumption – no matter how the shift is going. By automating many key elements, overall melting process efficiency is also improved. Maximum savings, minimized effort.


Integrates perfectly with:

  • Shaft laser
  • Bath fill laser