StrikoWestofen's Degassing Lance

For Perfectly Degassing Your Melt

Key Benefits

- Achieve melt density index <0.5

- Easy to fit, use and maintain

- Reduced downtime

- Reduced scrap rates

Key Features

- Completely mobile unit

- Compatible with any Westomat with a second opening 

- Clog free design with no moving parts

- Use with existing degassing control units


- High Pressure Die-Casting

- Any other application where degassing becomes necessary

Perfect degassing for perfect density index

Optimising aluminium melt quality is essential for producing high quality cast parts - especially safety critical components. Cavities caused by hydrogen contamination negatively impact the structural integrity and strength of castings. The degassing lance from StrikoWestofen provides a quick, simple and cost-effective solution.

Westomat + degassing lance: a perfect pairing

Designed to work with any Westomat with a second opening, our completely mobile degassing lance has been shown to be up to 4 times more effective than impellering at removing gas and optimising melt density.

It's also super easy to use and maintain

Made from high grade materials and with no moving parts, your degassing lance is guaranteed to be clog free, leak free, and requires minimal maintenance. Great! Less downtime.

It can also be fitted, used and removed quickly and easily to perfectly suit your casting schedule – whether you need it continuously or for specific batches – and is completely compatible with existing degassing control units.

Denser melt. Made simple. It’s that straightforward