Aluminium Holding Furnace with Melting Ramp

The answer to easy alloying

Aluminium Holding Furnace with Melting Ramp

Key Benefits

Easier alloying

Better metal quality

Proven technology

Low investment

Key Features

  • Holding furnace with up to 15 tons capacity
  • Preheating ramp for alloying elements
  • Customizable burner control
  • Flexible furnace fill with launder system or liquid metal filling pocket


Dedicated aluminium industrial melting furnace solution for:

  • Re-alloying
  • Re-finishing of alloys
  • Processing of special alloys
  • Re-melting scrap

Holding Furnace for Alloying Precision

Complimenting StrikoWestofen’s wide range of products for melting and holding aluminium, the Holding Furnace with Melting Ramp provides the ideal solution for foundries looking to optimize their alloying process with ease.

The perfect mix and the perfect temperature

The addition of a specially designed pre-heating ramp (dry hearth) - equipped with one or two gas burners and positioned immediately behind the furnace door - allows alloying elements or additional master alloys to be slowly warmed or quickly melted as required, before reaching a 7-15 t capacity aluminium melt bath.

Ramp up quality, use less energy

The adjustable pre-heat capability on the metal melter ramp ensures that alloying materials added to the melt dissolve more quickly and evenly, avoiding potential heavy element sedimentation and optimizing homogenization for improved overall metal quality. The process is also more energy efficient as pre-heating alloying elements entering the bath avoids any unnecessary re-heating to bring cooled melt back up to temperature.

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Technical Details and Options

  • Bath content: 7 tons to 15 tons
  • Tiltable or static versions
  • Holding chamber porous plug option
  • Liquid metal filling pocket