StrikoMelter CombiMelter

The flexible aluminium furnace

StrikoMelter CombiMelter

Key Benefits

Melts ingots, returns and chips

Energy efficient

Optimized metal quality

Compact and customizable

Key Features

  • Proven StrikoMelter shaft technology with dedicated chip pocket
  • Circulation pump for even heat distribution and homogenous melt
  • Compact size and flexible specification range to suit all foundry set-ups


  • Any foundry looking to efficiently melt aluminium chips and returns
  • Low pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting
  • Sand and gravity casting

Flexible aluminium melting to meet your needs

Whether you need to melt aluminium ingots, returns or chips – or any combination of these – as part of your foundry operations, the StrikoMelter CombiMelter can save you energy, space and help optimize the quality of your metal for better casting.

Economical in every way

StrikoMelter’s proven shaft design combines preheating, heating and liquefaction in one highly efficient unit. It uses a counter flow principle where exhaust gas from the melted material at the bottom of the shaft is recovered to gradually heat cold charge material being loaded at the top. Even when used for ‘combined melting’ in conjunction with the chip pocket, this ensures energy consumption is minimized.

Delivering greater flexibility to foundries seeking to economically melt and recycle their aluminium, StrikoMelter CombiMelter has every melt combination covered while keeping costs, down.

Designed to maximize melt quality

As well as minimizing energy requirements, our CombiMelter also offers design features and options specifically developed to maximize melt quality.

For example, our dross pocket option enables easy separation and removal of dross prior to melt entering the holding chamber. In the chamber itself, melt quality is further maintained thanks to a special circulation pump which gently mixes and evenly heats the melt for optimal results.

When using the chip melting function, our technical team can - based on sample analysis - also ensure your specific solution is tailored to maximize metal yield according to the type and condition of chips used.

Technical Details and Options

Technical Details

  • Chip melting capacity of between 300 and 1,500 kg/h
  • Shaft melting capacity of between 2000 and 4000 kg/h
  • Holding up to 16t


  • Dross pocket for improved melt quality
  • Shaft enlargement for bigger parts
  • Shaft scanner and bath level laser for energy-optimized shaft filling