The StrikoMelter Plus+ Energy Saving Furnace

The industry standard for aluminium melting

StrikoMelter Plus+

Key Benefits

Very low energy consumption

Up to 99.75 % metal yield

20-year service life

Proven performance

Key Features

  • Shaft geometry designed for savings
  • Optimized burner alignment for oxide reduction
  • Laser shaft monitoring for efficient filling
  • Shaft cover to prevent heat loss and lower energy consumption


  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • High Pressure Die-Casting - Structural Components
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

The industry standard for aluminium melting

It’s 20-year lifespan and global reputation for achieving a near 100% metal yield – all while consuming just 600 kWh/t – has made StrikoMelter Plus+ the industry standard for melting aluminium. Over 95% of the total cost of furnace ownership is generated by energy consumption and loss of metal. The unrivalled durability, efficiency and dependable quality built into Plus+ tackle this challenge head on.

99,75 % - Reduce one of the essential cost driver and make the most of your charge material

Shaft technology that saves your energy

StrikoMelter’s proven shaft design combines preheating, heating and liquefaction in one highly efficient unit.

The counter flow principle employed means exhaust gas from the melted material at the bottom of the shaft is used to gradually heat cold charge material being loaded at the top. This minimizes the time the aluminium needs to spend in the “high temperature” zone, significantly reducing fuel consumption and contributing towards the high-quality melt StrikoMelter Plus+ is famous for.

Energy saving features don’t stop there. With our shaft filling laser system, for example, fill levels are monitored constantly to ensure the furnace is fed with the right amount of material at exactly the right time to optimize energy recovery and productivity.

Solutions such as the StrikoMelter hot gas baffle (shaft cover) also help keep energy consumption down by maximizing heat retention. This is particularly beneficial during periods of free-melting while cleaning, and has been shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

Minimal metal loss

With StrikoMelter Plus+ minimizing metal loss is just as important as conserving energy and has been factored into every function.

For example, its twin chamber construction consisting of a melting bridge and a separate holding bath – with separate, distinct burner systems - limits oxide and dross formation while also minimizing risk of suspended, insoluble contaminants, therefore guaranteeing a high yield of high-quality tapped metal. Features such a self-sealing lift swing doors and near-stoichiometric combustion also help to minimize excess air, preventing corundum formation, oxidization losses, and guaranteeing a high-quality yield.

Your StrikoMelter, your way

A wide range of options are available to further tailor your StrikoMelter Plus+ to your specific foundry layout and production requirements:

Technical Details

  • All the benefits of StrikoMelter shaft furnace technology
  • Melting capacity from 350 kg/h – 7 t/h
  • Holding chamber capacity of between 750 kg – 20 t


  • Lift-swing doors
  • Shaft laser
  • Near-stoichiometric burner adjustment
  • Hot gas baffle
  • Bale out pocket
  • Transfer pump pocket
  • Liquid metal filling pocket

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