Developing Foundry Technology that Sets us Apart

Knowledge and Technology

Building blocks of successful development

The history of StrikoWestofen is characterized by the constant development of innovative technologies and the implementation of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Our current profile as an internationally positioned provider of melting, holding, and dosing technology for aluminium foundries dates back to 1950. 1998 saw the merger of the internationally renowned companies Westofen GmbH and W. Strikfeldt Koch GmbH, which had until then focused on the melting and dosing of non-ferrous metals. In 1999 the StrikoDynarad Corp. as technology, service and sales hub for the North American market in Zeeland, Michigan was formed. Our production, service and sales centre in China, StrikoWestofen Thermal Equipment (Taicang) Co., Ltd. in Taicang near Shanghai was launched in 2008.The best conditions to serve the international market locally.

Optimization and efficiency for maximum customer benefit

By focusing on matching the foundry plants to the respective production processes, the company consistently concentrates on benefiting the customer, which means process optimization, cost savings and the prevention of metal loss. With proven, well-developed technologies and targeted innovations such as our PurEfficiency product line, we assist you in the safe, environmentally conscious and cost-effective manufacturing of high-quality products. Here we rely on established, well-proven technologies and on our comprehensive knowledge, which permits us - among other things - to estimate the market and the needs of our customers, meet contemporary requirements and react appropriately to current trends and developments.

Innovations that are keeping you ahead of the curve

At StrikoWestofen, we’re playing a long game – one that makes your life better and easier every day. Just as our refractory linings can last you more than ten years, our commitment to improving your foundry operations is about securing your long-term competitive advantage. Often by showing you how to make immediate savings. We’ll reduce your energy cost today, and we’ll do it again tomorrow. We’ve improved your metal yield in the past, and we’ll continue to do so long into the future. It is efficiency powered by knowledge - and by a restless ambition to keep innovating on your behalf. We’ve been hot on furnace technology since 1950, but here’s what we’ve done for you lately.


Westomat Plus+

Over five thousand Westomat dosing furnaces in the field have taught us a lot. In 2011, we turned all that knowledge into Westomat Plus+.

It brings dosing into the 21st century and offers all the things you’d least expect from a dosing furnace: it’s plug & play, easy on the eye and compact. It also has three times longer service life, unrivalled availability of 98%, a drastically improved dosing accuracy by 25%and much, much more.

StrikoMelter PurEfficiency

What a leap! With PurEfficiency, our StrikoMelter is turned into the most efficient melting furnace out there.

At this point, in 2011, it achieves a record-breaking energy consumption of only 525 kWh/t and an extremely high metal yield. Metal loss and energy consumption make up 95% of the total cost of a melting furnace, meaning StrikoMelter PurEfficiency tackles costs where it matters.


The safest thing to do with molten metal is to keep a lid on it. And that’s what Schnorkle does. Offering a safer and better filling method for dosing furnaces, Schnorkle is a closed pneumatic system that protects metal from impurities and heat loss during transport and filling - and workers from harm.


ProDos 3

A new state-of-the-art control for dosing furnaces, ProDos 3 optimises process reliability, speeds up error analysis and integrates a raft of features, including our patented biscuit correction. All in the service for maximum dosing accuracy, increasing dosing precision of the Westomat to +/-1%.


Westomat Plus+

Who would have thought you could improve Westomat Plus+! We did it – unveiling an even more compact redesign as a logical extrapolation of all those Westomat Plus+ promises from 2011. The new version sits on a slimmer footprint, enabling it to fit into tight diecasting cell layouts.


StrikoMelter BigStruc

Aluminium castings are getting. Too big to remelt in one piece? Not with the StrikoMelter BigStruc.

This very hungry melting furnace, introduced in 2016, makes sure highly efficient aluminium foundries don’t have to reintroduce manual processes to cut down big returns. It’s packed with innovations to ensure size doesn’t come at the cost of sophistication.


Schnorkle 2.0

An even sleeker Schnorkle enters the foundry stage. Redesigned for improved user-friendliness and manoeuvrability, Schnorkle 2.0 is 20% lighter, has a 50% larger opening and comes with two speed settings. A standard piece of kit in any clean, safe, efficient aluminium foundry environments.


Refill Monitor

To run die casting machines at their optimum efficiency, dosing and holding furnaces always have to be filled at the right levels. In complex foundry settings and across multiple lines, it can be easy to lose track. Refill Monitor is a cloud-based solution that uses sensor data to keep an eye on fill levels for perfect refilling just at the right time. No wasted journeys, no labour-intensive manual checking, no unnecessary downtime.


To do more with your data, you have to get it out of your equipment first. With NoriGate, we’ve created a flexible data interface that is OEM-agnostic and can be retrofitted on a wide range of machines, way beyond the melt shop. It can collect data from all types of different sensors and creates the foundation for connected foundry operations.


Our clever digital innovations can solve previously unsolvable foundry problems. Monitizer pulls them all together and enables you to unlock the full potential of the data you collect.

It’s our Industry 4.0 platform for foundries, combining deep expert foundry industry knowledge and an understanding of our customers’ issues with cutting edge technology, from data collection through to real-time process improvement.

Part Load Efficiency Control

Melting furnace are their most energy-efficient when run at 100% capacity. In real-life foundry environments, furnaces often operate at 30-75% capacity – during maintenance, at the start-up of a new project or when preparing for an uplift in capacity.

During these times, you can accept high energy use with low utilisation, or you can use Part Load Efficiency Control, which automatically optimises melting and holding operations for longer melting periods and better energy use. Reduce energy consumption by up to 20% and stay flexible.

Market Position

Through continuous development, improvement and optimization of our products we are able to offer products and services that superior to all products available in the market.

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About Us

In 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America, StrikoWestofen is located in the centres of the light metal foundry industry, so it is always close to the customer – either with its own subsidiaries or through its sales and service partners.

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