StrikoWestofen Aluminium Crucible Melting Furnaces

Crucible Furnace

Key Benefits

Uniform heating - the technology provides for uniform heating to prevent hotspots at the crucible.

Long service life -uniform heating with no hotspots: the crucibles are considerably more durable than they are in conventional furnaces.

Low energy consumption - profit from energy savings of up to 20 % in comparison with standard crucible furnaces.

High flexibility - The burner is continuously adjustable – at uniform emission values. 


  • Electrically heated or gas fired
  • Stationary or tilting version
  • For frequent alloy changing



  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • High Pressure Die-Casting - Structural Components
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

Aluminium Crucible Furnace for Different Applications:

  • Electrical resistance heating with vertical, individually exchangeable heating elements
  • Gas fired with conventional burners or (new) with flameless burners
  • Tilting and non-tilting
  • Holding capacity from 150 – 2000 kg
  • Melting capacity from 100 – 400 kg/h


The flameless burner for heating SiC and steel crucibles allows uniform heating with no hotspots, and this makes a significant contribution to extending the service life of the crucibles. The premixing of gas and air and the resulting near-stoichiometric combustion allow the burner to realize energy savings of up to 20 % in comparison with standard crucible furnaces. The increased flow speed prevents erosion and allows insulations of lower density to be used. The burner is continuously adjustable at constant emission values. The exhaust gas outlet is located at the bottom of the furnace. This leaves space for a continuous working platform which simplifies access for loading and cleaning purposes.

The new porous burner technology for the gas heating of our crucible furnaces can be used for magnesium and aluminium.