Dosing Furnace Retrofits and Modernization Services

Improve the Performance of your Current Equipment

To be competitive, one needs a high level of up-times and operational efficiencies - this does not only apply for new equipment, but also for the existing installed base. In order to reach high uptimes and efficiencies the installed basis needs to be analyzed systematically. StrikoWestofen offers a tailored program that helps you to analyze your current equipment, identify saving potentials, choose modernization options and implement the improvements. Contact us if you need support to get the best out of your equipment and increase your profits.

Modernise your equipment:

Upgrade to ProDos 3 Control

  • Our retrofit kit allows you to upgrade all older control generations to the new ProDos 3 control
  • Improvement of the dosing characteristics using the new option
  • Optimum process reliability, high resistance against electromagnetic disturbances
  • Error analysis and process optimization using remote diagnostics tool
  • Optimized process visualization as well as operating messages and error messages
  • Expanded functionality and dosing accuracy using integration of biscuit correction or DISPO 035 interface
  • Expanded transfer of dosing data and measured values to the die-casting machine

Upgrade to biscuit correction

  • Minimization of the ‘out of tolerance’ rate, thus reducing the reject rate
  • Constant communication with the die-casting machine and automatic optimization of the dosing quantities in the production process

Flanged riser tube

  • Rapid replacement of the wear part and reduction of system downtimes
  • Reduction of the dosing rates outside of the tolerance range
  • The melt cannot be contaminated by hydrogen

Flanged riser tube with PneuCo

  • Even lower dosing rates outside of the tolerance range
  • Elimination of all mechanical (i.e. wearing) parts for the dosing contact
  • Rapid replacement and reduction of system downtimes

SMS error messaging Module

  • Automatic forwarding of operating messages and error messages to mobile end devices
  • Improvement of the operating and process reliability in unmanned operation at night or at weekends

Rim cleaning jet for riser tube

  • Reduction of the dosing rates outside of the tolerance range
  • Reduction of the effort required for cleaning the pouring rim of the riser tube
  • Improvement of process reliability and operating safety


Gray iron funnel with remote control

  • Optimized shape for maximum flow rates and more rapid filling
  • Cleaning process simpler and faster compared to lined funnels
  • Reduced absorption of atmospheric oxygen


Pre-fabricated refractory interchange-part

  • The relining concept can be carried out on site in the foundry
  • Reduction of the energy consumption in comparison with current relining concepts by means of improved insulation
  • Extremely short heating up process after completion of the work as the refractory inter-change part is delivered in the pre-sintered state

Refractory relining, optional replacement furnace body or leased furnace

  • Ensures the complete drying out of the refractory material
  • Makes costly and time-consuming operation with flushing batches unnecessary
  • Includes painting of the furnace body and subsequent pressure test
  • A complete replacement furnace body allows even more rapid replacement on site as only installation work is now left to do
  • Furnace relining at the StrikoWestofen factory

Effective furnace maintenance

A handy guide to energy consumption, liquid metal quality and casting productivity.

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