Aluminium Peripherals

Important Accessories in the Aluminium Field


The best friend of Westomat and metal casters

The pneumatic filling system is a closed transport ladle for transferring the aluminium melt from the StrikoMelter® melting aggregate to the Westomat® dosing furnace. By applying air pressure to the pressure-tight transfer ladle, the melt is fed directly into the filling funnel of the Westomat via a riser pipe. This guarantees a constant flow rate and reproducible filling processes during filling with aluminium. Thanks to this new system, it is no longer necessary to tip casting ladles at a great height using a lift truck. This fact eliminates a potential source of danger and considerably increases work safety. The design of the system enables the melt to be treated with impellers and transported into the dosing system without the necessity of transferring it to another container. 

  • High metal quality
  • Safe filling
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Schnorkle

    This closed transport system keeps the melt under control as it travels to the dosing furnace. The system not only provides improved safety for employees and equipment – it also makes business sense. Its closed construction reduces temperature loss of the melt during transport, meaning it no longer has to be overheated beforehand. This has a positive impact on energy consumption.

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    Thermo transport and foundry ladles

    The thermal transfer ladles are heated electrically, making them ideal for transporting liquid metal. This is taken from the StrikoMelter and transported to the treatment station (e.g., to the DC2 degassing unit). The thermal transfer ladles are available in the types and sizes CLHC M-350, 600 and 800 kg / Al. LST-type ladles are suitable for pick-up with forklifts. To tilt the ladle, the forklift must be equipped with a turntable/rotator.

    • LST type ladles are available in sizes 300.500, 750, 1,000 kg capacity for liquid Aluminum
    • Foundry ladles with variations in 300, 500, 750 and 1000 kg
    • Special sizes available on request.

    PR2 - Ladle preheating plants

    The ladle preheating plants are optimized for drying, heating and holding of foundry ladles and for sintering of relined ladles.

    DC2 - Degassing unit

    The purge gas mechanism is designed for metallurgical treatments – degassing and cleaning Al metal melts using inert gases. The advantage of the StrikoWestofen design lies in the low gas consumption and in the very fine, intense and wide-scale distribution of gas bubbles. The fineness of the bubbles achieved ensures a large effective area and a correspondingly high "purity level" of the melt. The DC2 is available in stationary or moveable models.