The StrikoMelter BigStruc Melting Furnace for Structural Parts


Основные преимущества

Optimized for structural parts

Low metal loss

Proven technology

Low energy consumption


  • Near stoichiometric burner setting
  • Shaft enlargement
  • Shaft filling level control
  • Self-sealing doors in front of the melting and holding areas

Варианты применения

  • High Pressure Die-Casting - Structural Components
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

Easy loading of large-volume cast parts

The melting furnace for structural parts

The new StrikoMelter BigStruc also allows extremely large structural components to be remelted. This new melting furnace was specially designed for melting large-volume, thin-walled parts as well as small-sized returns while ensuring a very low metal loss and energy consumption.


The challenge

To make full use of the potential of lightweight construction in passenger car body design, an increasing number of structural components are manufactured using the die-casting process. The trend towards aluminium structural components with the aim of reducing the number of joining and assembly steps lead to considerably larger, flatter cast parts, which creates both complex sprue structures and small, thin-walled returns. Both types of returns pose new challenges for foundries.


The solution

The new StrikoMelter BigStruc is suitable for melting large-volume parts as well as small-sized returns with a low metal loss and energy consumption. The sometimes extremely thin-walled cast parts are preheated in the shaft without direct exposure to the flames and rapidly melted at the foot of the shaft. The metal flows directly from the melting bridge into the holding bath.


Optimization for structural parts

In contrast to a conventional StrikoMelter shaft melting furnace, the StrikoMelter BigStruc has a special shaft design allowing returns with an area of up to 2.5 m² to be loaded into it. The height of the shaft can remain unchanged in comparison with the standard StrikoMelter. After loading, the shaft is closed with a cover (“hot gas baffle”). Due to the bulky and large-volume components, there is a larger void volume with a lower bulk density. However, the closed hot gas baffle keeps the heat in the shaft and prevents the energy from escaping unused. With BigStruc, the preheating and melting of the charge material takes place in the closed shaft. In order to load the StrikoMelter at the best possible time in the melting process and keep the shaft well-filled, the filling level is monitored constantly using a new laser system – even when the shaft cover is closed. In addition, constant checks are made as to whether the hot gas baffle is able to close the furnace shaft without problems.

All in all, the tried and tested concepts StrikoMelter Plus+ and StrikoMelter Purefficiency were only partially modified to meet the new requirements: a modified and enlarged shaft geometry, a hot gas baffle and the new options of near-stoichiometric combustion and self-sealing doors. Of course, the BigStruc can also process material and returns of the kind usually occurring in foundries.


Through thick and thin - our melting furnace for structural components

Hot gas baffle and new filling level monitoring system optimize energy consumption

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