Part Load Furnace Control: The Efficient Energy Solution for Foundries

Part Load Efficiency Control for StrikoMelter

Stop wasting energy and start saving

Is your melting furnace showing high energy consumption values with low utilization?

Many aluminium foundries don’t melt at a 100 % capacity, for example during the start-up phase of a project, maintenance work carried out on the casting machines or when planning future capacity. During this time, the melting furnace often operates at only 30 to 75% of its capacity.

This can lead to several short melting periods within one shift of production. Short melting periods are not very efficient, as the energy-intensive process of liquefying metal is interrupted again and again.

Wouldn’t it be great to achieve optimum energy consumption even at low utilization? With our Part Load Efficiency Control now you can!

The Part Load Efficiency Control combines a continuous melting process with long periods of holding molten metal warm. It automatically optimizes the furnace “melting” and “holding” operating modes in such a way that melting is applied in the most energy efficient way.

By switching to long melting periods, the efficiency of the melting process increases significantly, reducing energy consumption by up to 20%. It also helps you improve labour and process efficiency by increasing the degree of automation in your furnace control.

What exactly is Part Load Efficiency Control?

It is a software package, implemented in the furnace control system, that largely automates the control of the melting phases during a shift.

The software offers four different features that can be enabled or disabled individually on the HMI panel or the switch cabinet of the StrikoMelter:

  • Feature 1 – Control of the melting process
  • Feature 2 – Closure of the shaft cover in holding mode
  • Feature 3 – Automatic starting of the free-melting process
  • Feature 4 – Defined bath level at the start of melting free

The features are mostly independent of one other. Selecting all or only some of the features allows the foundry to optimise its operation. To benefit fully from some of these features, the use of a bath level laser is recommended.

The control of the melting process (Feature 1) forms the core of Part Load Efficiency Control and means automatic control of the furnace "melting" and "holding" operating modes in daily melting operation. The operating modes are controlled in a way that ensures the bath level – the available melt quantity in the holding chamber – only ever fluctuates between its maximum (full bath) and a custom-adjustable minimum level. Controlling long periods of melting – and consequently long periods of holding – increases the efficiency of the melting process considerably and reduces specific energy consumption [kWh/t].

Feature 2 automatically closes the shaft cover during holding periods. The prerequisite for this is the presence of a shaft laser to determine the shaft fill level. Feature 3 can be used to define times at which the melting-free process should be started automatically. Feature 4 can be used to determine how full the bath should be at the start of the melting-free process. The furnace control system then controls the melting process according to Feature 1 in such a way that the bath will have reached approximately the desired filling level at the time specified for the melting-free process. Feature 4 is intended to ensure that there is always enough metal available during the melting process.

Taken together, this bundle of features optimises the melting phases to minimise energy consumption – no matter how the shift is going. The lower the furnace load, the greater the energy savings compared to operation without Part Load Efficiency Control. At the same time, the automation level of the furnace is increased, which increases overall work and process efficiency.

Unlock a new level of efficiency

The Part Load Efficiency Control can be applied to all StrikoMelter shaft melting furnaces. It can also easily be retrofitted to existing furnaces.

Dream team - the control integrates perfectly with the bath-level laser. The bath-level laser measures the level of the melt in the holding chamber and ensures the increase in efficiency is optimal.

Part Load Efficiency Control for StrikoMelter

Watch the video and find out how to safe energy and optimally control your resources during part load operation. Stop wasting energy and start saving!