The StrikoMelter Plus+ Energy Saving Furnace

Classic and Plus+

Key Benefits

Use up to 99.75% of your charging material

Very low energy consumption

Up to 7,000 kg/h

High metal quality


  • Hot gas baffle
  • Shaft filling level control
  • Furnace pressure control


  • High Pressure Die-Casting
  • High Pressure Die-Casting - Structural Components
  • Sand and Gravity Casting

99,75 % - Reduce one of the essential cost driver and make the most of your charge material


The shaft geometry of the StrikoMelter and its special burner technology combining preheating, heating and melting in one furnace shaft. After the charge material has been melted in the lower chamber, the exhaust heats up the cold raw materials in the upper part of the shaft. The counterflow of melting material and gas allows for an extremely effective use of the exhaust heat according to the regeneration principle. For process reasons, this means that fuel consumption and metal loss are considerably lower than they are with all known products of the competition. The molten metal is transferred to the holding bath free of turbulences and with little dross formation. The melting volume in the holding bath is independent of the melting process. As a result, liquid metal with a homogenous composition, a constant removal temperature and maximum quality and purity is available for your production.

750 - 20,000 kg: Holding the melt at a constant temperature

In contrast to immersion melting, the size of the holding bath in our StrikoMelter is independent of the melting performance and can be selected exclusively according to the requirements of your production process. The sizes begin with only 1.5 times the hourly melting performance. This makes extremely compact furnace systems with low space requirements possible. However, it is also feasible to hold up to 20 t of melt at a constant temperature.

7,300 days: Extremely durable
A service life of 20 years is not unusual for our melting furnaces: the impressive durability of the StrikoMelter is one of its most outstanding performance features. This makes it the most robust melting furnace in its class.